Hope on 2 Wheels 2013 – Connecting Kids to Hope

On Sunday June 30, 2013 the Hope on 2 Wheels Team will convene at the Camp Joslin outside of Worcester, Massachusetts. We will have a wonderful opportunity to interact with the campers and hang-out at the camp fire with them that evening. Perhaps we will inspire them to live healthy lives, to manage their T1D to the best of their ability, to think big and be adventurous, to be bold, and to never let their diagnosis get in the way of accomplishing great things!

On Monday July 1 we will wake up before dawn and begin our one-day, 235-mile journey to Camp Nejeda Diabetes Camp in northwestern corner of New Jersey. We know that the stories of inspiration and accomplishment afterwards will be almost too many to describe!

On Tuesday July 2, given our late arrival the night before, we will have breakfast with the campers at Camp Nejeda and will leave them with the same message that we gave at Clara Barton the day before.

Please stay tuned to this blog, to our web site, and to our facebook page over the coming months as we post our route, tell you about our team members, and announce specific plans for ride weekend…it’s gonna be bigger than epic!

Please check out this video documentary about Hope on 2 Wheels 2012:


Why are we doing this? What is our mission?

There are approximately 3 million Americans living with Type 1 Diabetes. More than 40 children are newly diagnosed with T1D every single day! According to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF), approximately 1 out of every 20 people with T1D will DIE from low blood sugar. Hope on 2 Wheels riders will work to help raise awareness of JDRF activities aimed at prevention, improved treatment, and ultimately a cure for T1D!

  • We HOPE that the FDA hastens the process to approve new and innovative therapies and devices, not the least of which is the Artificial Pancreas!

  • We HOPE that Congress continues to fund the various research initiatives aimed at prevention, improved treatment, and ultimately the cure for Type 1 Diabetes.

  • We HOPE that our efforts in completing this physical challenge will raise awareness about the struggles that our children face every day!

  • We HOPE that our efforts in completing this physical Challenge will raise awareness about the JDRF Ride to Cure program and the amazing contribution of those riders toward funding the cure for T1D!!

Our HOPE Travels on 2 Wheels!!!

How can you help?

Our mission to raise awareness depends on spreading the word about our ride, what we're doing and why!! You can help us by telling your friends and family about Hope on 2 Wheels.

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The 2102 Hope on 2 Wheels Jersey:

You can purchase this 2012 jersey, the matching shorts (traditional or bib style), long sleeve jersey, or thermal jacket. A portion of your purchase price will be donated to the JDRF Ride to Cure. The password to get your very own 2012 Hope on 2 Wheels kit is: hope